Sea of Greed

Originally stemming from the dream of an ex-CollegeHumor writer, Sea of Greed is an open-source Pirate-Adventure game, featuring Wally Gladstone. Wally is a pirate in search of fame and fortune, and despite a common misconception, he is an original character in an original world.

With the ability to sail across the entire map freely, the player will be allowed to access any of the 7 main islands right from the beginning, with each island having a self-contained story of its own. The project itself is being made entirely for free, with 45 dedicated developers asking for no compensation. Since the conception of the game it has garnered almost 3,000 subscribers on reddit, after posts were uploaded to popular subreddits such as /r/Me_irl and /r/Gaming. We thank our supporters who show our project to friends and internet upvoters alike.