Welcome to Sea of Greed

Sea of Greed is a thrilling pirate-adventure RPG brought to you by Gladstone Games. You play as the devilishly handsome Wally Gladstone (unrelated to the other lanky purple character), a young man looking to finally make something of himself by becoming the scourge of the seven seas. Using his fearsome pirate ship, his wits, and however many weapons he can carry, travel the world freely, fulfilling your greatest fantasies as you plunder islands and ships alike, on a ever-expanding quest to satisfy your lust for the shiniest of treasures.

With the ability to freely sail across an expansive map, players will have the option to go wherever their hearts choose to take them. With 7 main islands to choose from, each with their own self contained stories, it's up to you on where your journey begins. Sea of Greed is being made entirely for free, with a massive team of around 70 dedicated developer volunteers. Since its conception, it has garnered over 6,000 Reddit subscribers after exposure from popular subreddits such as /r/gaming and /r/me_irl. We have also been featured on Dorkly, Nintendo Force Magazine, and SVG.com. We thank our loyal supporters who have spread the word to friends and internet upvoters alike.

Sea of Greed will be free to download for Windows 10, MacOS, and Linux (from this website) and (hopefully) Steam upon release. We have considered other stores such as Humble Bundle and GOG, and consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, however these will have to wait until after our initial release. There is a demo version available here.